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March 2013


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Dear Anneke,

Vital whale habitat off Australia's coast is under threat from an oil and gas company, and I urgently need your help to protect it.

Our team here in Australia has been fighting for months to protect whales from devastating oil and gas industry development. Some of the world's most amazing and important whale habitats have been under attack from oil and gas companies.

One of those habitats is off of Kangaroo Island. With pristine beaches and an abundance of marine and wildlife, Kangaroo Island is truly beyond compare. And it's one of only three recognized feeding areas for endangered blue whales.

For many months, IFAW's committed supporters in Australia have been lobbying to stop Bight Petroleum Corporation from conducting deafening seismic surveys in the waters off Kangaroo Island. And we've had some success.

After IFAW supporters in Australia sent thousands of messages opposing the seismic survey, we succeeded in having it delayed.

But we've just learned that, astoundingly, the system allowed for the company to simply re-submit their proposal immediately in an effort to get around our concerns.

We must stop this damaging proposal for good!

I'm asking you and all of our IFAW friends and supporters around the world to join our Australian supporters in taking action today against this development.

You would think that pristine habitat like Kangaroo Island would be off-limits to harmful industry, but as of early 2014, oil and gas exploration could begin exactly where the endangered blue whales and many other species of whale feed. Hard to believe, yes, but true.

Seismic testing can be devastating to marine life. The testing means intense, deafening blasts of compressed air...every 10 seconds...24 hours a day...for weeks on end.

And if oil or gas is discovered this will bring more ships and the risk of ships strikes to whales...and of course the threat of catastrophic oil spills - all in one of the endangered blue whales' only feeding grounds in Australia!

Please tell the Australian Environment Minister, Tony Burke, that it is too much to risk. Kangaroo Island's endangered blue whales and other marine life must be protected from oil and gas exploration.

Please hurry - the Australian government is only accepting comments until the 19 March.

Thank you for your quick action,

Isabel McCrea Isabel McCrea Signature

Isabel McCrea
IFAW Regional Director, Oceania

P.S. Kangaroo Island's waters are vital to a wide range of whales as well as the tourism and fishing industries. They all stand to lose out to oil and gas development if we don't act today. Please urge Minister Burke to protect Kangaroo Island.

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John Nettles

Protect Kangaroo Island

Please hurry -- endangered blue whales and other animals are under threat from oil and gas development near Kangaroo Island, and we only have until the 19 March to save them.

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